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E-Foot Gear


The E-Footgear sensors will create a point with a Truescore E-Hogu when impact occurs at or beyond the adjustable impact requirement. The E-Footgear should be owned and used by each individual competitor.

*This E-Foot Gear Grey has the same amount of sensors as its predecessors with the black cloth.

*The red patch sewn to the ankle of one of the Foot Gear pair is an NFC tag with a unique ID that can be read from any device with NFC capabilities/program. 



MEN’S SHOE:  XS  2-3 ½  S 4-5 ½ M 6-7 ½ L 8-9

 XL 9 ½ -10 XXL10 ½ -11 XXXL11 ½-12 ½ XXXXL13-14 ½


WOMEN’S SHOE: XS 2-4  4 ½ -6 M 6 ½ -8  L 8 ½ -9 ½   

XL10-11 XXL11 ½ -12 XXXL 12 ½-13 ½  XXXXL13 ½ -15.

Please note that our E-Foot Gear are made with elastic, so if you have a wide foot (EE) you may need to buy a larger size than you normally do. If you have slim foot, you may need to buy a smaller size than you normally do.

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